This is a list of Bernard episodes by broadcast order.

Season 1Edit

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Season 1 Episodes
The Gym/Golf/Ice Climbing/The Swing/Security Guard/The Vending Machine
Diving Board/Watching TV/Hitchhiking/Sky Diving/At the Theme Park/A Day in the Country
Learning to Fly/Close Encounters/The Intruder/Basketball/The Cart
The Supermarket/The Mosquito/Oasis/The Treasure/The Window Cleaner
Street Racing/The Desert Island/Baseball/The Car/The Flower
Sleepwalker/The Pizza/The Unicycle/The Motorboat/The Prisoner
Bowling/Taekwondo/Scuba Diving/Doors/At the Museum
A Lucky Day/The Storm/The Robot/The Vacuum Cleaner/A Day in the Country 2
Marathon/The Fumigator 1/The Fumigator 2/Close Encounters 2/The Little Dog
The Medallion/The Moth/Bullfighter/At the North Pole/The Package

Season 2Edit

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Season 2 Episodes
The Fossil
Boy Scout
The Little Dog 2
The Magic Lamp
The Olympic Torch
Saving Eva
The Ice Cream
The Gym 2
A Leap in the Dark
The Bridge
The Balloon
The Elevator
The Kite
The Bank Note
The Bullring
The Boomerang
Scuba Diving 2
The Factory
Ice Skating
The Skateboard
The Exhibition
The Orchestra
Carnivorous Plant
The Magician
The Apple Tree
The Underground
The Cook
A Building Site
The Lawnmower
The Photo Booth
The Zoo 1
Close Encounters 3
Boy Scout 2
The T.V. Aerial
Merry Christmas
A Day in the Country 3
The Office
The Spa
The Amusement Park
The Amusement Park 2
The Traffic Light
The Leak

Season 3Edit

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Season 4Edit

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Season 5Edit

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